Service & Customer Care

Our actuators and accessories are installed in demanding applications therefore it is crucial to keep them operating at peak performance levels.
We provide a wide range of aftermarket support services, from web-based spare parts availability to express delivery of components. A team of qualified engineers is available for customer support, including on-site, commissioning, troubleshooting and maintenance activities.
Most of IMI STI actuators are equipped with a diagnostic communication tool to deliver plant operators with information about optimal equipment performance and to ensure compliance to safety and regulatory requirements.

  • Field service on site for spare parts installation and upgrade.
  • Maintenance service on site for regular maintenance of our actuators and accessories.
  • Remote customer care telephone assistance during start-up, commissioning or normal operation.
  • Spare parts service to guarantee original spare parts and assure immediate compatibility.
  • Training on site for better calibration and knowledge of our system.
  • Upgrade service to identify the best new solution available for your system.

For any technical problem you can contact our Field Service office at

Actuation systems for the operation of pneumatic or hydraulic industrial valves