DigitalTrak 2

DT2 Intelligent Electro pneumatic Positioner is a loop powered instrument. As a control part of the pneumatic valve set, DT2 Intelligent Electro pneumatic valve Positioner is widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric
power, metallurgy, paper, light industry and other fields of automation systems.
The product accepts the 4÷20mA valve setting signal from the control system; at the same time, it gets the actual valve signal through the location sensors; the two signals are compared by instrument
software in order to control the feeding and exhaust of the gas to actuator, driving the valve to reach set point. 

DT2 Intelligent Electro pneumatic valve Positioner is based on microprocessor technology. It can overcome friction and
the imbalance power on the control valve well, and improve the response speed of control valve, which makes the
position set rapidly and accurately. It is not only able to completely substitute conventional valve positioner, but also is
able to directly access HART network, exchanging information between control system and positioner.


  • Autotuning system for calibration
  • Auto-diagnosis system
  • Compact design
  • Display for calibration
  • Heavy duty design
  • High reliability
  • Integrated fail in place on loss of signal device
  • Integrated position transmitter

Technical data

Input Signal

4-20 mA

Standard operating temperature

-40°C to 80°C

CV max low flow

ND 1/4” Inlet = 0.12

ND 1/4” Outlet = 0.12

Air consumption

0.036 Nm3/h (0.02 SCFM) at 400kPa (60 psi)


Feeding connection

ND 1/4”

Electrical connection

ND 1/2” NPTF

Supply pressure

1.4÷7 bar


0.2% of full stroke


0.5% of the full stroke

Dead band

0.1 ÷ 10% Adjustable

Accessories available

Remote mounting

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