ST SmarTrak Controller is used as a positioning system for proportionally-driven hydraulic actuators with up to two independent channels. Fast stroke and superior resolution allow the unit to be used with severe service hydraulic actuators which demand fast stroking and precise positioning.

This product covers a wide range of actuator sizes and stroke length requirements and it is able to manage two fully independent actuators (moving two different valves).


  • High flow with quick, precise and complete control capability
  • No need for an amplification device in most applications
  • Powerful self calibration software with the ability to totally personalise the parameters
  • Robust design with a full metal housing
  • Superior control capacity of amplification device when installed
  • Wide set of configurable embedded features

Technical data

Power supply

24V - minimum 1A

(up to 20A based on the number of solenoid connected)


For ac/dc input (85-264Vac: 90-350Vd): up o 480W

For 24Vdc input: up to 240VA

Proportional solenoid valve driver (2x)

6-24V - proportional valve, up to 2,6A

ON/OFF solenoid valve driver (6x)

24V - solenoids up to 1,5A

Position feedback output (2x)

4-20mA passive loop isolated

Position sensor (2x)

Input for magnetostrictive or 4-20mA passive loop

Digital output (ALARM)

Configurable, dry contact

Control loop time




ATEX 2014/34/EU

(further certifications are available, please contact us for updated list)


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