Axial Rotary Actuator

ARA single acting actuators with spring, are suitable for the operation of valves for ON-OFF and modulating heavy-duty service. The ARA valve actuator is made by three main parts:

  • The external cylinder group, with a piston inside that divides the internal volume in two chambers. A
    stem connects the piston to the valve stem.
  • The internal cylinder group that permits to transform through cams the valve movement into rototranslatory.
  • The yoke, that fix the cylinder to the valve.

Different kind of pneumatic accessories can be mounted on the ARA valve actuator depending on the
performance required.


  • Compact design compared to classic quarter turn actuators
  • Designed to provide high torque with minimum space and weight
  • Full stainless steel version available
  • Fully customized customer solution
  • Simpler installation

Technical data

Operating pressure

up to 12 bar (air version)

up to 350 bar (oil version)

Standard operating temperature

-20°C to 70°C

(lower or higher temperature on request)

Standard supply 

Instrument air, Oil

Output torque

up to 50000 Nm


0° up to 90° 

(special stroke angle on request)

Cylinder size

200 mm up to 1420 mm

Cylinder material

Carbon steel

Stainless steel 




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