Metering Pump Actuator

SC/BQ pneumatic actuators, SC/BQo and SC/Vo oleopneumatic actuators are used for metering pump applications. Thanks to their desing, they find ideal application in power plants, refineries, pipe steel works and on board of vessels. The range of products includes double acting units and are available in different sizes.

An oil tank permits to have the cylinder always full of oil, also when the piston is at the stem retracted position. Connections to the cylinder are set in order to avoid air forming into the cylinder.


  • Compact design
  • High reliability
  • Light and functional design allows for easy installation
  • Manual override available for manual operation
  • Pneumatic (SC/BQ) or oleopneumatic (SC/BQo and SC/Vo)
  • Single or double acting

Technical data

Operating pressure

Pneumatic version up to 10 barg


Standard operating temperature

-20°C to 70°C

(lower or higher temperature on request)


SC/BQ - SC/BQo: 80 mm

SC/Vo: 150 mm / 200 mm


From 2 mm to 100 mm


Standard supply medium

Oil, instrument air


Oil vessel application

1 vessel for 1 chamber

2 vessels for 2 chambers


ATEX 2014/34/EU

EAC TR TS 012/2011

(further certifications are available, please contact us for updated list)

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