Exhaust Protection System

SL Exhaust Protection System has excellent exhaust and silencing characteristics with minimal resistance to air flow. In addition, it has an integral check valve that enables the maximum IP protection.

This product is made with special polymeric material which is compliant with ATEX directives for use in explosive atmospheres. The exhaust protection system is designed to incorporate a very low back-pressure, ensuring a very high exhaust flow.


  • High exhaust flow
  • Includes an integral check valve that maintains a very low back-pressure
  • Internal check valve also protects devices from dust or other materials
  • The special design of the labyrinth allows installation in any orientation
  • Made of stainless steel and plastic material suitable for use in hazardous areas (To ATEX standard)

Technical data

Design pressure

10 bar

Standard operating temperature

-40°C to 85°C 

Housing materials

Antistatic polymeric +

Stainless steel 316

CV max

3 elements = 40

5 elements = 50

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