Ultra Volume Booster

BW Ultra Volume Booster is designed to meet very high speed control applications. It produces an high volume boosting action and contains two integral stabilizing by-pass valves, adjustable by screws, one for supply amplification and the other one for exhaust amplification.

This product is specifically designed to be piloted by a positioner with high CV, such as our FT positioner.

Exclusive manifold mounting system

Exclusive manifold mounting system

It is a special IMI STI application to connect our accessories. Fittings or nipples are not necessary as the connection is achieved using machined connection faces with sealing 'o' ring. This system saves time for assembly, reduces costs, inventory and the shortened dimensions save space.


  • Collectable exhaust
  • Compact dimensions
  • Independent calibration for charge and exhaust
  • Regulation screw is not ejectable by internal air pressure
  • Unique high value of CV in one device
  • Without deformable diaphragm

Technical data

Operating pressure

2.5÷7 bar

(design pressure 10 bar)

Standard operating temperature

-20°C to 70°C

(lower or higher temperature on request)

Housing materials

Painted RAL 7001 aluminium

Stainless steel 316

CV max

 Inlet = 16

Outlet = 20

Pilot signal connection

ND 1/2”

Output connections

Manifold mounting

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