Manual Override

GR Manual Override is designed to manually move SC/V or SC actuator stem when instrument air is not available.

Several sizes are available according to the actuator size. Considering SC/V actuator series, the gear box is mounted between the actuator and the yoke, for SC actuator series it is mounted on the actuator stem cap side.

This prodcut can be also used as an adjustable retraction stroke limitator.


  • Available with adjustable thrust limiter
  • Available with mechanical chain transmission of the manual override for remote operator access
  • Available with sandstorm design with stem and main screw bellows
  • Available to lock movement in any position to keep valve in any required position
  • Internal gear mounted on ball bearings to minimize operator effort and long operation life

Technical data

Housing materials

GR 1 = Painted aluminium

GR 2 = Painted aluminium

GR 2.5 = Painted cast iron

GR 3 = Painted carbon steel

Standard operating temperature

-20°C to 70°C

(lower or higher temperature on request)



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